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Join The eBike Revolution!

Small Planet eBikes was founded in 2009 with the vision and goal to help save the world from fossil fuel pollution and automobile gridlock. Electric bikes are not only fun and healthy, they are real transportation. Commuting on an electric bike gets you to your destination happier and cheaper. An ebike gets the equivalent of over 2000 MPG! The fitness and mental benefits of biking for commuting or recreation make an ebike a virtual anti-ageing machine. Do yourself and our “Pale Blue Dot” planet earth a favor and join the ebike revolution.

Bike Orders

If we do not have the perfect bike for you in stock we will order it, assemble it and deliver it guaranteed!

Bike Rentals

Need a ride? We also provide bike rental services. You can request a bike rental right here in our website.

Parts & Accessories

No bike is complete without a helmet, lock, lights and the rest of your gear. Let us help get you outfitted!


We will adjust your new bike for as long as you own it. Yes, you heard right. FREE LIFETIME ADJUSTMENTS!

Meet The Team

Tom Wilson
Tom WilsonOwner & Founder
Tom is a self-proclaimed “Treehugger guy” by virtue of his passion for getting people off fossil fuels and on electric bikes.
Sherri Ohara
Sherri OharaSales Director
This is Sherri Ohara. She is a sales guru, Ebike advocate, an event planning goddess, and loves to take our customers on eBike test rides.
Ren Morton
Ren MortonMaster Mechanic
Ren is a bicycle wizard who received his bike wiz training at UBI in Ashland, Oregon, the premiere school for Bicycle witchcraft and wizardry. He’s really just like any other master mechanic, except that when he steps into the shop, Magic Happens!
Gary Geers
Gary GeersSales Associate
Gary Geers is a retired engineer from Oracle. Now he and his wife are big ebike advocates who work tirelessly to spread the love of ebikes with everything they do. Stop on in to talk shop with Gary and have him set you up on a test ride!
James Piper
James PiperSales Associate
James Piper is an eBike lover that commutes to work every day on his eBike and knows all the ins and outs of eBike life. Stop in to say hi and get set up on the perfect bike for you!
Zach Arnt
Zach ArntMaster Mechanic
Zack is an enigmatic eBike tech who has biked all over Asia, is fluent in Chinese and eBike-ese. Zack commutes everywhere on his eBike instead of a car. Some say he can actually hear the thoughts of all eBikes, and that he has found the fountain of youth, (eBikes, duh.) all we know is…he’s called THE BIKE WHISPERER!



Our Denver location was established to service the many customers we had traveling from Denver to Longmont to find our about electric bikes. The Denver shop is located in the Arts District on Santa Fe and has proved to be a magnet for people from Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and the Denver metroplex generally. Denver has a great bike trail system and is ideal for bike commuting and ebike recreation. The city of Denver established a Department of Sustainability and has goals to mitigate pollution and auto congestion by promoting multi modal transportation such as ebikes. The State of Colorado has plans to improve the infrastructure and climate for cycling as well.


724 Main St, Unit A, Longmont, CO 80501

Our Longmont location just outside of Boulder is our 1st and original ebike shop. We started there because that is where we live. The staff there has grown organically simply by attracting people interested in electric transportation, ebikes and promoting alternative electric transportation over fossil fueled autos. We have been involved in getting ebikes accepted both legally and culturally in Boulder County and the city. The city of Boulder has bought several ebikes from Small Planet EBikes to be used by their staff. The county of Boulder has promoted Small Planet Ebikes the company as well as ebikes as transportation throughout the county. The beauty of Boulder Valley and the progressive culture is perfect for the mission and goals of Small Planet EBikes.


330 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

Small Planet EBikes had plans to grow locations so decided to give Dallas a try for our 3rd location. We are located in the bike friendly neighborhood of Oak Cliff in southern Dallas in the Bishop Arts District. Dallas is in the process of building bike trails and parks along the Trinity River that runs through the city. Our goal in Dallas is to increase the acceptance culturally for ebikes both for recreation and commuting.

See What Our Customers Think…

I bought a bike for my company. We are now zero emissions as we ride around downtown Denver neighborhoods.

Stan Wagner

Tom was of great help letting me and a friend test out some bikes – they feel GREAT.

Randy Sloane


Call 303.484.8518 for a FREE Test Drive

724 Main Street, Unit A, Longmont, CO 80501


10:00am – 6:00pm

330 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208


10:00am – 5:00pm

1203 S. Alamo , San Antonio, Texas 78210


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