Faraday Porteur Video Review by Electric bike review.

Faraday is an eBike company that emphasizes simple sleek lines. With a 250w front hub motor, gates-carbon belt drive system. This ebike is designed for urban commuting and casual riding. Beautifully designed with incorporated rear bicycle lights for assisted night time vision. Come by one of our Colorado locations and try it out for yourself!

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Stromer ST2s

The Swiss don't make cars. What they make instead is one of the top-of-the-line eBikes in the market. The Strimer ST2s is in a class of its own. The rear hub motor is manufactured by TCDM, an Asian based technology company specializing in electric motors and propulsion solutions. They have been in the business since 1995, and continue to lead the way with their syno drive. Besides being a great looking eBike, the ST2s has the industry leading battery with 983vwh at 48v. Integrated battery design allows for a stealthier appearance, so it's not obvious that this is Read more

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The Outfitter knows no Bounderies!

What do you think about the Felt Outfitter? It's running the Bosch Performance eDrive with 250 watt output and a 500 watt hour battery. The outfitter comes in 3 sizes: Small (16), Medium (18), and Large (21). No suspension here, because you can adjust the pressure in those fat tires for some extra comfort. Instead, you get the: Felt fat tire rigid fork, oversized hollow crown, hydroformed 6061 aluminum blades, aluminum tapered steerer, 150x15mm maxle style dropouts, disc-brakes, and eyelets for accessories. More detailed technical specs can be found directly on the Felt website linked HERE. If you haven't Read more

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Interbike is almost here!!!

Hey bike fanatics, and eBike enthusiasts!!! Interbike 2016 is just a week away, and if you missed the free registration, well, I'm sorry. But, it'll be okay. Here at Small Planet eBikes (henceforth called SPEB) we are excited to be getting ready for the show. If you've been living under a rock and have no clue what Interbike is, here's a quick intro. Sweet huh? Great clip, and it's true. We as cyclist, and bike enthusiasts need to do more, and create awareness for the positive changes cycling brings. People always say "actions speak louder than words," but Read more

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Car fumes are killing us. So why isn’t anyone telling us not to drive? Susanna Rustin

‘But there’s another reason why our air is so filthy: it’s because people carry on driving.’ Photograph: Alamy Thursday 4 February 2016 0 One in three cars in Britain runs on diesel, and 95% of diesel cars emit more nitrogen oxides than is legally allowed, according to tests done by consumer group Which? (Fifteen 15 times more in the case of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, 47 of which I found for sale secondhand within 15 miles of my home when I searched.) Two-thirds of petrol cars break the carbon monoxide limit, and 10% break the nitrogen oxides one too. In other words, Read more

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America’s Cities Are Still Too Afraid to Make Driving Unappealing Tough policies are the ones that would truly change commuter habits, but we’re barely seeing them. EMILY BADGER Mar 6, 2014

The morning I wrote this I took public transportation to work. I hopped on the bus around the corner from my house, then the train for a few stops farther. I took mass transit because it was convenient, because my card was already preloaded with the cash that diverts from my paycheck, and because the ride gave me 20 minutes to start the day browsing Twitter. Baked into this decision, however, were a number of other nearly subliminal calculations about the alternatives not taken. I did not drive the car (yes, my household has a car) because downtown Washington, D.C., Read more

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