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An ebike is a bike, only more effective, more fun, and the best sustainable transportation on the Small Planet Earth!

It’s Easy To Get On An Bike and Change Your Life:

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We want to keep you rolling and we don’t care if your ride is a traditional bicycle or an electric bicycle.
Our main goal is to save our planet one bicycle at a time! How exactly do we plan to save the planet with a bicycle? By making sure you enjoy your ride!
Our goal is to repair your bicycle within 48 hours. Our goal in Dallas is to increase the acceptance culturally for Bikes both for recreation and commuting.

Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm • Saturday 10am-6pm • Sunday 10am-3pm
Personal Shopping Appointments Available
210-437-3419 • 1203 S. Alamo • San Antonio, Texas 78210


Join The eBike Revolution!

Small Planet eBikes was founded in 2009 with the vision and goal to help save the world from fossil fuel pollution and automobile gridlock. Electric bikes are not only fun and healthy, they are real transportation. Commuting on an electric bike gets you to your destination happier and cheaper. An ebike gets the equivalent of over 2000 MPG! The fitness and mental benefits of biking for commuting or recreation make an ebike a virtual anti-ageing machine. Do yourself and our “Pale Blue Dot” planet earth a favor and join the ebike revolution.


Have favorite brand? Chances are we carry that too! Browse our brands to find your new bike!


We think electric bicycles are the best! But don’t just take our word for it…try it for yourself!

Book a fun test ride with an eBike expert at one of our shops. Or book test rides or demos at your place of business, municipality, university or your home.


Bike Orders

You can choose your model, color and size and we will order it, assemble it, and deliver it for you. No worries!

Bike Rentals

Need a ride? We also provide bike rental services. You can request a bike rental right here in our website.

Parts & Accessories

No bike is complete without a helmet, lock, lights and the rest of your gear. Let us help get you outfitted!


We will adjust your new bike for as long as you own it. Yes, you heard right. FREE LIFETIME ADJUSTMENTS!

Use Promocode LOVEMYPLANET at checkout

Stop in to one of our locations, or shop online!



See what our customers have to say…

“These guys assembled 2 ebikes I ordered and they did a fantastic job. I would recommend them and have since.”


Shawn Leonard

“Talking with the owner today, who is a great guy offered to take take care of any bike need I have. I’m happy to say this bike shop will take care of you. I will be going back after the conversation I had with him today. Thanks!”

Darrin Wilson

“Turned up for opening day of the new Denver shop. Tom was great, he let me ride a half dozen bikes, swapping back and forth. His range of electric bikes is outstanding. I came away with a Stromer ST-1. Couldn’t be happier.”

Keith Bierman

“I signed up to demo Treks new ebike (27.5 plus — 500 W battery– double suspension – brose center drive). It was strange how poorly it handled on the steep single track. Not smooth nor fast. Bulls knocks the socks off the trek!!”


“Thanks so much for allowing me to test ride a bike, Jesse! It was amazing and I’ve already called the dealership to discuss a cash offer (not a trade-in) to get rid of my car 🙂 I look forward to testing it with the toddler seat when that comes in. Thanks again!”

Ashley Stanley

When you buy an electric bicycle from us, we really appreciate it! So to show our appreciation we give you free basic tune-ups…FOR LIFE!


Small Planet eBikes San Antonio Showroom

 Demos are free, fun, educational and guaranteed to make you smile.

If you are an individual or a HOA wanting to test ride in your own neighborhood or a local park – done! 

If you are a corporate campus wanting to demo bikes for employee mobility and health on your campus – done! 

If you are a municipality wanting to provide sustainable healthy transportation for your staff – done!

CALL TODAY! 210-437-3419

Of course, we encourage you to buy from us locally, but, if you end up buying an electric bike on the internet, have it shipped to us and we’ll professionally assemble it for just $90! Heck, we can even deliver it to you!

Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

Personal Shopping Appointments Available

210-437-3419 • 1203 S. Alamo • San Antonio, Texas 78210


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