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Spark a Sustainability, Health & Wellness, and Transportation Revolution

Organizational electric bicycle fleet solutions make sustainability initiatives, employee and client wellness and happiness functional and fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over $9 billion dollars in workplace productivity are lost every single year in the U.S. due to conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes – all of which are preventable with increased physical exercise and improved diet. Commuting by bike instead of automobile is almost like free insurance for our bodies and our planet.


An electric bike can get the equivalent of over 2,000 MPG!

Innovative companies such as Google have already joined this revolution by providing electric bike fleets for their staff and employees. Whether to navigate large campuses, go to meetings or lunch, or make deliveries, it can all be healthier and cheaper with an ebike! Employee and client bicycle incentive programs are profitable and exciting. Instituting specific corporate / organizational goals to reduce commuting by car and promote health and wellness are easy to achieve with an electric bike fleet. The zero emission electric bike commute mitigates pollution, makes the commuter happier, and the world better.


Bicycle Fleets are perfectly suited for:

Set a Greener Example with a Fleet of Electric Bikes For the first time in several million years, and for the first time since the appearance of humans, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere has reached an average of 400 parts per million. This grim landmark is an urgent call for action. Municipalities can reduce emissions significantly and set a good example at the same time by not using fossil fuel burning cars for short trips and errands. An electric bike can get over 2,000 MPGe, and most in-city trips are less than 10 miles and involve carrying little cargo. Stop burning fossil fuels and start burning calories and fat instead! A simple change can help mitigate pollution, the ugly ‘brown cloud,’ and city heat island effects and also make city employees more fit, more happy, and more functional!

Save Time and Money with Electric Bike Deliveries On-time and economical deliveries make both your customers and bottom line happy. Providing zero emission “green” delivery to your customers can add some extra sizzle to your brand and your image, and save you money at the same time. Vehicle registration fees, insurance payments, and fuel purchases can be reduced drastically with the simple use of an electric bike fleet for local deliveries. Burning fat and calories instead of fuel will make your delivery team happier, healthier, and more efficient. Put a spark in your deliveries with a fleet of electric bikes!

Stay Active and Healthy with Low-Impact Biking! Use it or lose it! The health and happiness benefits of regular physical activity are the real fountain of youth. Electric bikes encourage much more exercise than conventional bikes because you know you have assistance available if needed. Electric bikes take the work out of riding a bike but leave all the fun and the benefits! Electric bikes take the sting out of hills and will have you laughing at headwinds. Riding an electric bike for short errands burns calories and fat, not fossil fuels. The health benefits of physical activity include reduced risk of heart disease, improved mental and physical strength, and increased levels of endorphins and serotonin… Not to mention saving money and the world!

Hit the Road with an Electric Bike! Sitting behind the wheel for hours isn’t just hard work, it’s also hard on the body. According to a study in Archives of Internal Medicine, prolonged sitting for hours increases the risk of death from any cause significantly. Luckily, this can be effectively countered with physical activity and exercise. The trucker’s dilemma is double edged: Once at a destination or stop-over, mobility is still hampered because the big rig is not efficient or conducive for errands or shopping. Carrying an electric bike on trips provides the perfect solution to both the need for physical exercise and the need for personal mobility. Some electric bikes even come in folding models, making them easier to store and transport!

Small changes in routine can have a big impact on health! Do yourself and your body a favor with an an electric bike!

Put a Spark Into Home Sales with Electric Bikes!

Modern sustainable homes and sustainable transportation fit together like a hand in a glove. An incentive offer that provides potential customers with a zero emission transportation alternative and improved fitness can be the spark that leads to the sale. A pair of electric bikes already in the garage can even help build relationships in the neighborhood by encouraging bike trips through the community. Selling sustainability, fitness, and fun with a new home is profitable and ecological!

Small changes in routine can have a big impact on health! Do yourself and your body a favor with an an electric bike!

Improve Your Bottom Line and the Health of Your Workforce Join innovative companies like Google by providing electric bikes to your employees and visiting clients. The availability of a bike fleet can significantly benefit corporate sustainability as well as employee incentive and well-being initiatives. Encouraging employees to commute to work, navigate corporate campuses, make small deliveries and travel to lunch by bike instead of by car is healthy, functional, and fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over $9 billion dollars in workplace productivity are lost every single year in the U.S. due to illnesses which are mostly preventable with daily exercise and better nutrition. Burning calories and fat instead of fossil fuels can make a big difference in the lives of your employees and your bottom line.

“If everyone who lives within five miles of their workplace left their car at home just one day a week and cycled to work, nearly five million tons of global warming pollution would be saved every year – like taking about a million cars off the road.”
– Environmental Defense Fund

Eighty-nine percent of vehicles on the road are cars.
333 million tons of Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere by cars each year.
Thirty thousand people each year are killed by car pollution in the U.S.
By commuting on a bike one day each week, we could decrease air pollution in the U.S. by 5 Million tons each year!

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